FCHM Celebrates 50 YEARS:  1967-2017 !

     A reception and Singfest was held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the Museum grounds.  We are most thankful to all of our volunteers who made this event a great success.  It was very generous of Freestone County Sheriff, Jeremy Shipley, to take time out of his busy schedule to welcome everyone to the anniversary.  We appreciate his support of the museum.  We also say an especially big THANK YOU to all of our speakers and singers who volunteered their time:  Sid Ivy, Ginger Pickett, Kenneth and Dorothy McAdams, Margaret Cockerell, Nate Davis, Jessica Jones and Don Thornton.  Don Thornton also emceed for us and ran the program, along with allowing us to use his sound system.    

     Also we are most grateful to the Blue Bell Corportaion, Rob's Drive In, Something Different, Collin Street Bakery, Calvary Baptist Church, and all of our local volunteers who donated cookies.  We are also thankful to Gordon Small and his crew of volunteers (Tommy Ledbetter, Hoppy McGilvary, & Don Thornton)  that helped spiffy up the exterior of the Bass Wing before the celebration.

     Admission was free all day and over 200 people passed through our gates to enjoy the program.  Over $900 was raised through donations, memberships, and book sales!  WOW!!!  Thank you FREESTONE COUNTY citizens for making this such a special celebration!  (Photos provided by museum volunteers Richard O'Dell, Nancy Taylor, and Linda Mullen.)

The new anniversary book is now available.  The book contains about 100 pages full of historical photographs and articles on the museum's founding, curators, and historical buildings and collections.  Cost is $25.

Call or email and reserve your copy today!


Can you give $50 for 50 YEARS ???

ONE dollar per year of SERVICE ?

The museum board has created a GoFundMe page to help raise funds online to help celebrate the anniversary.  If you can give a lesser amount, every dollar adds up and is greatly appreciated!!!