"The Freestone County Animal" display made by students of Rachel Bossier will be available for viewing at the museum during April and May.

Stop by and read the stories written specifically about animals found in Freestone County.  The students hand made little stuffed animals to go with their stories.

Whether young or old, the books and their critters will bring a smile to your face! 

We just added a new quilt, made from men's silk ties and suit linings, to our collections from Jo Olive Watson Turner Zickhur.

The metal building on the back of our property, which houses the Whitaker patrol car and the Emmon's Art Car along with several items, was just closed in the first week in May 2017 by McLeod Construction of Fairfield. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL to Don McLeod for donating his time and completing the enclosure at cost!!!  THANK YOU DON!!!

Bill Green and Carroll Embry drove the 1936 newly restored Fairfield fire truck back to the museum from Mr. Green's shop on Wednesday, May  17th at 1:00 pm.   Don Thornton is riding in the back.

Mr. Green and Mr. Embry along with Steve White donated their time in repairing the fire truck.  The original engine is still in tact and was only cleaned to get it back into running condition.  Mrs. Sharon Embry reupholstered the seats.

All that is lacking is hand written lettering on the side that says "Fairfield Fire Department".  It will be housed in the newly enclosed metal building.

     A new online fundraising event was created to help celebrate the 50 Year Anniversary.      

     By donating $50 for 50 years of service, the museum hopes to raise the needed funds to get the old jail restoration project back in action.

     Lesser amounts are accepted as well; it all adds up and every dollar counts!

Fairfield Elementary School  1st grade students visit the museum grounds on Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday May 18.  Each student received a coloring book which included items found at the museum as well as in Freestone County.  Shown is one group of Mrs. Amy Horde's class along with volunteer, Mrs. Nancy Gooch.

Dr. and Mrs. William Sneed have been in storage since 2007 and have recently been brought down for display as well.  Marvin Mullen created this unique display made from shutters that came from the Roller house.

A new display was created from old doors purchased locally at Cuckleburr's Trading Post. 

Many old portraits have been brought down from the upstairs storage unit.  Until now there was no space available to hang such large portraits.