The FCHM is proud to announce the "Painted Pew Program". The pews were donated to the museum by the Post Oak Baptist Church many years ago and were in need of new paint.

     The new "Paint the Pews" project is a collaboration between fine art students at Fairfield High School and the Freestone County Historical Museum.  Patricia Pratt, curator, says, "We are very excited to involve these students in this partnership."  "Hopefully, we can inspire our youth to appreciate the diverse history of Freestone County."

     The project is being underwritten with funds from the Operation Round-Up Program of the Navarro County Electric Cooperative of Corsicana, Texas.     (photos by Patricia Pratt, April Walker, Linda Mullen)

     The Fairfield Recorder donated archive books from 1925 through 2000s to the museum.  Also The Teauge Chronicle has donated archive books from 1908 through the 1940s, as well as numerous photographs.  The archive books have one edition from each week of the specified years.  The museum is VERY GRATEFUL for these generous gifts.  Pictured are from left:  Linda Mullen, Curator Patricia Pratt; Publisher Richard Nelson; Nancy Rula, and Brad Pullin.  (Photo by April Walker)

Local artisan, Rebbecca Shanks, has restored the bottoms of several chairs on display at the museum.  These chairs once had hide bottoms and are thought to have been made locally in the Donie chair factory.

The metal building on the back of our property, which houses the Whitaker patrol car and the Emmon's Art Car, along with the newly restored fire truck, was just closed in the first week in May 2017 by McLeod Construction of Fairfield. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL to Don McLeod for donating his time and completing the enclosure at cost!!!  THANK YOU DON!!!

Bill Green and Carroll Embry drove the 1936 newly restored Fairfield fire truck back to the museum from Mr. Green's shop on Wednesday, May  17th at 1:00 pm.   Don Thornton is riding in the back.

Mr. Green and Mr. Embry, along with Steve White, donated their time in repairing the fire truck.  The original engine is still in tact and was only cleaned to get it back into running condition.  Mrs. Sharon Embry reupholstered the seats and added the gold lettering on the side that says "Fairfield Fire Department".   Curator, Patricia Pratt, awarded all three men certificates on June  8th on behalf of the Museum.  June 12th the fire truck was one of the leading items in the 2017 Freestone County Parade.  Carroll Embry was the driver while Bill Green operated the siren.  Riders were Patricia Pratt, Sharon Embry, Peggy Sue Lindloff, Sid Ivy, and Linda Mullen.

(All photos provided by Linda Mullen unless otherwise noted.)

FCHM has begun a new sponsorship program for 2018 called FREESTONE FRIENDS

A SPONSORSHIP page has been added to recognize our corporate sponsors. 

Colonial Construction of Corsicana completed filling in the brick work around the new windows in Dec. 2017 with historically correct brick shipped in from Gavin Historical Brick Company.  Beginning sometime in the spring next year, hopes are to have them complete repairs on the exterior brick work.

     Early 1900s tractor pulled road maintainer was returned to the museum Oct. 2017 after a long stay at the Precinct barn.  After numerous repairs on the grounds were completed, Andy Bonner, County Commissioner, had the road grader returned to its previous home and is now on display once again for all to enjoy.

     Jimmy Day operated the maintainer in its early years, while Buddy Day operated the tractor.