A framed enlargement with all the men identified in now on display in the Bass Wing.

Much THANKS goes to the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department and the Community National Bank for their very generous $500 dollar donations to help restore the firetruck.

We challenge all of the other banks in Freestone County to match this $500 donation.    If all could give this amount, the $5000 expense could be met rapidly.

Old windows coming out

New windows being installed

Hodges Foundation

New period door

Davis Family  Window


All of the historically correct windows (seventeen total) and doors have now been installed.  The windows were restored to their original size and appearance.  All but one of the windows on the front of the building have now been underwritten through the sponsorship program.  Only 13 are remaining to be sponsored.

The next phase will be restoring the foundation, which hopefully will begin soon. 

After the foundation is repaired, then the brick work can begin.  The museum hopes to find early brick to match.  It may seem like nothing is happening on this project; however, before the repair on the foundation can be done a drainage problem will need to be repaired.  Before the drainage can be repaired, the old sheds must be removed.  Before the sheds can be removed, the old wagon has to be moved to the recently closed in metal building.  This metal building was just closed in the first week in May 2017 by McLeod Construction of Fairfield.  WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL to Don McLeod for donating his time and completing the enclosure at cost!!!  THANK YOU DON!!!


Restoration of Fairfield's old 1936 firetruck has NOW been COMPLETED!!  Local citizens Bill Green and Carroll Embry completed the engine work at cost of parts. Steve White restored the exhaust and cooling systems at cost.

Funding is needed to cover expenses of the restoration.   $1,000 has already been donated!

Preservation is an important part of our mission and the board of directors is now turning their full attention to our late 19th Century Freestone County Jail. The years have taken their toll and a full scale renovation is necessary to save the building. The board has brought in historic preservation architect, Mark Thacker, who is with Sinclair and Wright Architects. He has laid out the frame work for saving this historic Freestone County Landmark.  It will be a costly endeavor but well worth the money. The museum board will keep you posted as our fund raising efforts begin to take place.

The board hopes you will join them as they try to save this county landmark!

The Potter - Watson Cabin

gets a new roof!!!

Much THANKS go to Navarro County Electric Coop's Operation Round-up Program in helping restore the roof on this great relic of Texas history.  Educating our children how their ancestors lived is very important aspect of preserving history for generations to come.  The cabin shows how an early one room school would have looked.

Also thanks to Steve Grecu's Home Improvement company for making the repairs.

Would you like to sponsor one of the new windows in the jail?

Window Sponsorship cost $3,000 per window. A plaque will be permanently placed on a specified window frame to hold your memory and place in Freestone County History!

This is a tax deductible donation!

Businesses may also sponsor a window!

Childs Family Window

Sonny Sessions


Fryer Family  Window