Patricia Pratt joined the museum as curator on Sept. 2, 2015. (Photo by museum volunteer, Linda Mullen.)

The purpose of the Freestone County Historical Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret for the public benefit, education, and enjoyment, the historical heritage of Freestone County.



History of the Freestone County Museum

The Freestone County Historical Museum was established in 1967 with the initial steps being taken by the Freestone County Historical Association to set up the organization. The purpose of the association was to preserve and interpret the historical culture and heritage of Freestone County and the State of Texas. Documents, manuscripts, and artifacts items were gathered throughout the county to place on display in the two story brick 1880’s jail which had been purchased to house the items. A representation of the entire county made up the original board of directors which were: Mrs. Marjorie Bass, S.B. Carroll, Jr., H.D. Whitaker, C.N. Williford of Fairfield, L.S. Winter, Oakwood, Llewellyn Notley, and B.H. Tyus, of Teague, J.W. Bates and Uel L. Davis, Jr. of Wortham. The board continues this practice today with members representing the entire county.

The Carter and Potter-Watson log houses were donated and moved onto the complex during the next year, and State Historical markers were obtained for the three buildings. Over the next years the board was able to acquire additional land and buildings such as an Antique Telephone building given by Contel in 1991 (the phone collection was moved into the Bass Wing in 2011) and the Bethel Assembly of God Church which was moved onto the museum grounds in 1996 and restored by the founder’s family, the Hankins. The most recent building on the grounds is the Neil and Barbara Bass Wing dedicated in 2007. This beautiful building funded by their generous donation now houses a beautiful gallery of historic artifacts, a genealogy/research work room, and an artifact storage room.

Guest are truly amazed with our collections, so please visit the museum.


President:  Linda Mullen

Vice-President:  Brad Pullin

Secretary:  Nancy Rula

Treasurer:  Leslie Tate

General Board Members:  Sherrie Minze, Ralph Billings, Muriel Morton, Don Awalt

Barbara and Neil Bass at the Grand Opening in 2007 standing in front of the new wing.

(Photo reprinted by permission, Karen Leidy, Freestone County Times.)